Beijing International Contemporary Metal & Jewelry Art Exhibition – BICMAJA

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

After Jeff’s work appeared in the “LOOT” show at MAD the Museum of Art and Design in New York last fall, he was approached by the Executive Organizers of China Millennium Monument World Art Museum in Beijing China. They invited him to participate in the third “Beijing International Contemporary Metal & Jewelry Art Exhibition” BICMAJA. Though communication and coordination was trying at times, after careful vetting through the art jewelry community, he ultimately agreed to participate—his first international exhibition. Jeff says “I am so honored to be included among this talented pool of international art jewelry artists. I sincerely feel that this is another small victory for the exposure of polymer as a medium. I’ve been blessed to have many people who have shared their knowledge with me along the way. This is fruit of the efforts of Elise Winters, The Polymer Collection Project, Bruce Pepich and Lena Vigna at RAM, and all the other participating museums. Kudos to all.” The exhibition runs November 8-22, and here are a sampling of the work Jeff contributed. Here is a link to their website which is accessible in English but a bit awkward to navigate. There is a glitch, and the 2015 artists don’t come up when you click the appropriate link. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

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